If you’re fed up wasting your time, spending vital hours searching for the name and domain that’s perfect for you, then this may be the most important news you’ll ever hear.

Domain Samurai stops you from making critical mistakes and getting the wrong domain.

Getting the wrong domain can mean all your work is down the drain, no matter how strong your content or product is.

The wrong domain will receive LESS traffic and rank LOWER in search engine results.

By using Domain Samurai you can:

  • Identify “keyword.com domains to gain MASSIVE boosts to your traffic

  • Find keyword-rich domains before your competition

  • Unlock the power of “aged domains” to get PageRank and backlink boosts your competition can only dream of

Outrank the Majority of your SEO Competitors – with Ease

Most people don’t know how important it is to find the right domain – they will settle for the first domain they like the sound of – no matter how poorly optimised it might be.

Domain Samurai helps you accurately assess a domain’s potential – helping you to find a high-value, keyword-rich, search engine-optimised domain name.

These domains can single-handedly boost your search engine rankings and increase your traffic by 10, 100, even 1000 times!

Dominate Entire Markets

Most people think it’s enough to control their own domain – they’re dead WRONG.

Similar domain names to yours will appear on the same results page as yours – if your competitors get their hands on these they will steal YOUR traffic.

Domain Samurai’s research module tracks down domains closely related to your own – domains that are leeching off YOUR success.

Registering these domains will wall your opposition out of your market and steer more traffic your way, resulting in TOTAL MARKET DOMINATION.

Aged Domains Module

Existing domains are a fantastic source of PageRank and ready-made traffic – but searching for existing domains that are available for sale or auction is a hard process.

Researching the market, selecting your target keywords, running your keywords through registrars to check if they are even available – and after all that you may still come up with nothing.

Not Anymore...

By connecting your DomainFace account to Domain Samurai you can make use of the Aged Domains tool inside the Domains module.

The Domains module automatically pinpoints existing domains related to your keywords; domains that come with existing PageRank; existing links; existing traffic – everything you would normally need to invest a LOT of time and effort in to create yourself.


It may sound crazy, but...

Domain Samurai is free – completely free.

Domain Samurai is our gift to you for all the support you’ve shown us in the last two years.

P.S. Don’t wait another moment! There are only a LIMITED number of .com domains available – get yours NOW!

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